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The Top 12 Data Breaches of 2019

Just in 2018, there were 500 million personal records stolen. How many records will be stolen by years end According to the RiskBased Data Breach QuickView Report 2019 Q3, at the end of September, there were 5,183 breaches, exposing 7.9 billion records. Compared to the 2018 Q3 report, the total number of breaches was up 33.3 percent and the total number of records exposed more than doubled, up 112 percent....

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5 Tips on How Companies Can Prepare for Cyberattacks and Data Breaches

Benjamin Franklin once said, By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. These sage words unfortunately describe the dilemma many companies are facing on a daily basis with increasing frequency. Whether because of a lack of resources to commit to cybersecurity or the C-suites reluctance to do things differently, companies are suffering from a rash of bad actors seeking to profit from cyberattacks and the loss of data because of negligent handling by insiders....

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A Resilient Answer to Disasters

Both disaster recovery and business continuity are answers to what happens when entropy strikes, things fall apart, and business is interrupted. Resilience is strategy using a set of tools and approaches that make it harder for things to fall apart, and easier and faster to put them back together when they do....

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7 in 10 Cameras Are Running Outdated Firmware

As many as 68.4 percent--or almost 7 out of 10--cameras are currently running out of date firmware....

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Information Security Forum Predicts 2020's Top Global Security Threats

The Information Security Forum (ISF) has announced the organizations outlook for the top global security threats that businesses will face in 2020....

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Port of Seattle to Replace Air and Sea Travel Documents with Facial Recognition

In 2019, the Port of Seattle began to prepare for federal and private sector implementation of facial recognition technology for passenger processing at Port facilities. ...

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Clark Atlanta University, Augusta University Partner on Cybersecurity and Cyber-Physical Systems

Clark Atlanta University (CAU) and Augusta University (AU) have forged a partnership between the CAU Department of Cyber-Physical Systems and the School of Computer and Cyber Sciences at Augusta University. ...

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