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What We can Do to Bridge the Cyber Skills Gap

The talent crisis is real. As an industry, we cant wait years for a solution. The good news Today, companies can use automation to help bridge the talent gap. Incorporating the automation of specific cyber tasks makes it possible to increase efficiency and productivity while maintaining a strong security posture. With the help of security automation, security teams can mitigate active threats, saving time and money....

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How to Cure Prisons' Contraband Mobile Phone Epidemic

Its not an exaggeration to say a mobile phone is a lifeline to the world. Ever since it became affordable to carry a portable phone line and mini-computer wherever we go, mobile phones have gone from nice to necessary to cant-live-without-them. From senior citizens down to the tiniest tyke, people love their phones - most people, anyway. So who doesnt love mobile phones Anyone who works in a correctional facility - because in a prison, a mobile phone isnt a fun, useful gadget: Its a safety issue...

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Security and the Bottom Line: The ROI of Mobile Device Management

Mobile device management (MDM) is a proven, cost-effective solution to meet an organizations needs for security and control. However, as organizations scale up, or need to manage risk or stay compliant, they also need to manage costs. A companys smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other connected devices--and the apps and data plans associated with those devices--are expenses, which can quickly escalate....

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AIG Names New Deputy CISO

American International Group, Inc. announced that Tom Parker will join the company as Deputy Chief Information Security Officer....

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New Information Security Forum Report Explores How to Build an Effective SOC

A new report from the Information Security Forum (ISF) explores the key elements that are integral to optimizing a SOC’s performance, realizing operational efficiency and pursuing innovation, and equips organizations with a practical understanding of how to design, establish and enhance a SOC that is both empowered by the organization, and aligned with business requirements....

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AT&T is First Carrier to Block Robocalls by Default

AT&T is the first wireless carrier to block robocalls after a recent Federal Communications Commission (FCC) ruling paved the way for cell phone carriers to do so....

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More Students Being Bullied Online, New Federal Report Says

Online bullying is becoming more prevalent among middle and high school students, “even as overall rates of bullying in schools have remained steady,” says a new federal report....

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