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Heath Security and Investigative Services, Inc.:
"We are a locally owned and operated company. We?ve been in business since September 1996. The company w...Read More

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MaxSolo Investigations:
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Ariel Investigations, Inc.:
"We are a female owned and operated investigative company. We have male and female investigators who conduct surveillance's i...Read More

Coming Soon: SEC Cybersecurity Guidance Changes

Shortly after the Target breach in late 2013, the SEC began a cybersecurity "sweep" across a selection of 50 registered investment advisors (RIAs)....

Using A.L.I.V.E. to Stay Alive During an Active Shooter Event

One news headline I recently saw read, “Florida school shooting: Security, training failed to stop shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School”....

Preventing Another Hawaii: Emergency Notification Best Practices

By now, weíve all heard how the citizens of Hawaii were awoken on Saturday, January 13th with a (thankfully erroneous) alert telling residents to take shelter because of an incoming ballistic missile. While the investigations and government hearings will continue, now that weíre a couple of weeks removed from the event, itís important to take a step back and use this opportunity to crystallize several mass notification best practices....

What is H.265 and Why Do I Need It?

As the security industry embraces 4K, Ultra HD and other high-resolution imaging formats with high bitrates, recording and storing surveillance video has become one of the main challenges facing end users and systems integrators. ...

Before You Pull the Trigger: The Legal Implications of Shooting Down a Drone

Itís a scenario that isnít hard for security professionals to imagine: Someone spots a drone hovering inside your secure facilityís perimeter, over your event, or during your emergency response operation. The droneís presence is at best a nuisance, and at worst, might damage people or property, or interfere with your principle mission. What options do you have...

ISMA Announces New Director of Education & Knowledge Management

The International Security Management Association (ISMA) has named Molly Jin as its first Director of Education & Knowledge Management. ...