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Heath Security and Investigative Services, Inc.:
"We are a locally owned and operated company. We?ve been in business since September 1996. The company w...Read More

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MaxSolo Investigations:
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Ariel Investigations, Inc.:
"We are a female owned and operated investigative company. We have male and female investigators who conduct surveillance's i...Read More

Iris Recognition Helps Secure Eldercare Facility While Generating Brand Awareness

The Princeton Identity IOM Access solution allows staff and residents with normal mental acuity to unlock exterior doors to exit the building by gazing into wall-mounted iris readers positioned near each exit, while restricting residents with dementia from opening the doors and leaving the building unsupervised....

Study Exposes Employee Negligence as Top Information Security Risk to U.S. Businesses

With one-third of working adults in the U.S. admitting to potentially risky behavior at work, employee negligence poses major security concerns for U.S. businesses. ...

Younger Employees Main Culprits for Workplace Security Breaches

More than a third of senior executives believe that younger employees are the “main culprits” for data security breaches in the workplace. ...

Which States Are Least Prepared for Natural Disasters?

The majority of Americans are unprepared or underprepared for a natural disaster, according to a recent poll from MSN....

Chicago Public Schools Upgrade Background Check Policy

All adults who worked in Chicago public schools – including employees, coaches, volunteers and vendors – will undergo background checks before classes begin this fall, CPS announced last week. ...

NYPD Commissioner Pushes for More Surveillance Near Schools

NYPD Commissioner James O’Neill joined local politicians and school officials earlier this month to demand that state legislators push through a bill to add hundreds of additional surveillance cameras on streets in school zones. ...