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Intel Halts Spectre, Meltdown CPU Patches Over Unstable Code

Intel on Monday said that users should stop deploying patches for the “Spectre” and “Meltdown” chip vulnerabilities disclosed by researchers earlier this month, saying the patches could cause problems in affected devices, including higher than expected reboots and other “unpredictable” system behavior. read more ...

SamSam Ransomware Attacks Hit Healthcare Firms

Two SamSam Ransomware Healthcare Attacks, Two Variants, and Two Different Results read more ...

40,000 Potentially Impacted in OnePlus Payment System Hack

Up to 40,000 OnePlus customers may have been impacted after attackers managed to compromise the company’s payment page. read more ...

Cybersecurity's Marketing Dilemma

Cybersecurity has gone through many changes over the past decade. From being a niche sector, rarely taken seriously or understood, to underpinning national security, economic growth and the availability of financial infrastructures. In the process it has become a large, high growth and consequently overfunded market.  read more ...

Red Hat Pulls Spectre Patches Due to Instability

Red Hat has decided to pull microcode patches for one variant of the Spectre exploit after users complained that updates had caused their systems to stop booting. read more ...

Can Biometrics Solve the Authentication Problem?

Are Biometrics as a Form of Authentication Over-hyped and Unreliable read more ...

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