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EMOTET Trojan Variant Evades Malware Analysis

A recently observed variant of the EMOTET banking Trojan features new routines that allow it to evade sandbox and malware analysis, Trend Micro security researchers say. read more ...

Group Launches Secure DNS Service Powered by IBM Threat Intelligence

A newly announced free Domain Name System (DNS) service promises automated immunity from known Internet threats by blocking access to websites flagged as malicious. read more ...

GitHub Warns Developers When Using Vulnerable Libraries

Code hosting service GitHub now warns developers if certain software libraries used by their projects contain any known vulnerabilities and provides advice on how to address the issue. read more ...

New Cyber Insurance Firm Unites Insurance With Cyber Intelligence

Mountain View, Calif-based cyber insurance firm At-Bay has emerged from stealth with a mission to shake up the status quo in cyber insurance. It brings a new model of security cooperation between insured and insurer to reduce risk and exposure to both parties. read more ...

Ransomware Targets SMBs via RDP Attacks

A series of ransomware attacks against small-to-medium companies are leveraging Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) access to infect systems, Sophos reports. read more ...

Moxa NPort Devices Vulnerable to Remote Attacks

Hundreds of Moxa Devices Similar to Ones Targeted in Ukraine Power Grid Hack Vulnerable to Remote Attacks read more ...

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