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BYOD Security Implementation for Small Organizations

The exponential improvement of the mobile industry has caused a shift in the way organizations work across all industry sectors. Bring your own device (BYOD) is a current industry trend that allows employees to use their personal devices such as laptops, tablets, mobile phones and other devices, to connect to the internal network. The number of external devices that can now connect to a company that implements a BYOD policy has allowed for a proliferation of security risks. The National Institut...

SOC Automation-Deliverance or Disaster

Learn how to strike a balance between security alerts that can be automated with minimal impact and the higher-risk alerts that need to be handled by analysts....

The Effectiveness of Tools in Detecting the 'Maleficent Seven' Privileges in the Windows Environment

Windows privileges add to the complexity of Windows user permissions. Each additional user added to a group could lead to a domain compromise if not evaluated. Privileges can override permission causing a gap of perceived effective permission. Currently, system administrators rely on tools such as Security Explorer, Permissions Analyzer for Active Directory, or Gold Finger help with this problem. An analysis of these three tools that are supposed to help with permissions is needed to provide adm...

Minerva Labs: Using Anti-Evasion to Block the Stealth Attacks Other Defenses Miss

Attackers routinely use evasion to evade baseline anti-malware tools and ultimately compromise endpoints. How can enterprises prevent such intrusions without relying on after-the-fact detection This paper explores a unique approach to preventing evasive malware from infecting endpoints, using Minervas Anti-Evasion Platform to automatically block threats without ever scanning files or processes. SANS Reviewer Eric Cole, PhD, shares his findings regarding the ability of Minervas Anti-Evasion Platf...

Security and Operations - An Overlooked But Necessary Partnership

This paper explores ways to foster cooperation between Security and Operations groups for better visibility into threats and threat pathways, while improving overall protection and network hygiene....

Who's in the Zone? A Qualitative Proof-of-Concept for Improving Remote Access Least-Privilege in ICS-SCADA Environments

Remote access control in many ICS-SCADA environments is of limited effectiveness leading to excessive privilege for staff who have responsibilities bounded by region, site, or device. Inability to implement more restrictive least-privilege access controls may result in unacceptable residual risk from internal and external threats. Security vendors and ICS cybersecurity practitioners have recognized this issue and provide options to address these concerns, such as inline security appliances, netw...

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