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More Than $11 Billion in Fines Fails to Deter Global Corruption

The scale of bribery and corruption has shown no improvement globally since 2012, despite the unprecedented level of enforcement activity and introduction of new corporate criminal liability laws in that time. ...

Why Comprehensive Collection is Critical for Ballistics Analysis

What can police agencies do to lower their own rates of violent crime There is no one single answer, because a wide variety of strategies and tools are required to combat violent crimes but one of the most important practices is a policy of comprehensive collection and analysis of ballistic evidence during investigations of crime scenes where shots were fired. ...

5 AI Trends You Should Be Using to Improve Physical Security

From navigational software to advanced analytics, artificial intelligence-based technology is being used in many capacities for security, and as this smarter technology becomes more mainstream, its use will only grow. Weve seen AI usage in diagnostic applications within the healthcare industry and in the emergence of self-driving cars, and with the growth experienced in these areas, its become hard to avoid AIs massive implications around the world....

Return of the Lost and Stolen: Authenticating Wearables

As smartphones and wearable devices continue their exponential growth in Canada and globally its expected to be worth $34 billion by 2020 Canadians will need to be wary of the increasingly popular Tap payment channel (or alternative NFC wearable device) service....

IAHSS Publishes Guideline for Patient Violence Response

“Violence stemming from patients and patient visitors present considerable risk and concern to the healthcare industry. Healthcare Facilities (HCFs) should establish specific violence prevention and aggression management policies, processes and practices to deter, identify and manage violent events.” ...

To Curb Car Break-Ins, San Francisco Bolsters Garage Security

To address smash-and-grab car break-ins at the seven parking garages owned by the Municipal Transportation Agency, San Francisco officials are upping their game on security measures. Since May, the SFMTA has added high-definition security cameras, license plate readers, protective fencing, intercom systems and, in some locations, police officers, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. ...

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